Roof Products

Here is a list of products we use and what they are for. We use EcoTech roof coating system. This is a complete system developed CCM coatings and manufactured here in New Zealand. We have worked closely with CCM coating and other roofers to make sure this premium brand is the best on the market. * Earth Safe, No VOC – Low VOC Formulation* Excellent colour retention

Eco Tech Zinc Prime is a high solids water based primer for galvanised iron roofs with excellent corrosion resistance and adhesive properties. Eco Tech Zinc Prime imparts excellent properties to the coating system and helps to extend the life of the roof.

Eco Tech Finish Coat is a long lasting 100% acrylic paint designed to provide maximum durability on all types of roofs and trim. Ideal for use on corrugated iron, decromastic tiles, concrete tiles, and most other roof substrates.

Eco Tech Roof Base Coat is a tintable high build primer that provides excellent hiding characteristics and filing properties suitable for both concrete tiles and decromastic tile roofs.

Eco Tech Key Coat has been specially formulated with the latest Nano technology for use as a sealer for concrete roof tiles. Eco Tech Key Coat’s unique properties ensure even porosity over the whole surface and unsurpassed adhesion for the following finish coats.